In the olden days...


Towns in South Africa were allocated numbers before their names, And Sibasa being one of the oldest towns in the then Northern Transvaal was allocated the number 210. It came to be known as 210 Sibasa. Guest who visit us will be invoking history for 2Ten Hotel is situated right where civilization started in this area.

Guest are surrounded by...

Phiphidi waterfalls, 

Tshathingo Portholes

Tshatshingo pot hole

kruger National Park

Kruger National Park Kruger

Fundudzi Lake, Dzata Ruins, Makonde Mountain where Nwali, a vhavenda god visited and also the grave of the old man Musethegwa Magwabeni who interpreted for Chief Ravhura when Nwali visited Makonde, the Big Tree in Tshipise and the Maphungubwe National Heritage Park

Mufaro or Venda basket in English is traditionally associated with vhaeni or guest. When vhaeni arrives in a home they bring with them mufaro full of zwidyangudyangu or niceties:nduhu, nduhu-muvenda, tshidzimba, murambo, vhukhopfu ha mavhele and sometimes a live chicken.

The same mufaro will carry zwidyangudyangu when vhaeni go back home. This simbolises togetherness, comfort, warth and above all the love, that exists between the two families.

At 2Ten Hotel, we share the same philosophy- when you visit us we know you are carrying mufaro in your hearts, and when you book out you will be carrying mufaro full of good memories of our hotel: togetherness, comfort, warmth and love, thus cementing our...